Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have moved this blog. I realized when typing the name of the blog for the site, I mispelled it, so the link I was sending to everyone was not working.

Here is the new link!!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

School Days!

I am super super excited!! I've thought about going back to school for a long time. I finally found the motivation to do so. I started the application process back in January and also applied for financial aid. Now, the only way I could do this was to take online classes, and at first, I wasn't sure financial aid would pay for online classes. Well, after the long application process, I've officially registered for my fall semester classes, Math 99 and English Comp 1! I'm so excited to finally move forward with this adventure!

My grades in the past haven't been too well, but I'm determined to do my absolute best and not just settle for mediocre work.

Once classes start, quilting will be put on the back burner, and I'll work on it whenever I can.

As for quilting, I'm working on a block right now, as we speak and I'll be cutting boarder strips for each block today and piecing those on. Not sure yet how big I will make this quilt, thinking it'll be just lap size.

More to come!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ahh, moving on.

I finally finished my Anvil block. Feels like it took forever to get the motivation to work on it. Here is a pic of that block and of the others I have done in the last couple weeks. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So so busy!

I have so wanted to work on my blocks the last few days, but Abigail has got me running ragged!! Now that she is crawling, I spend most of time chasing her around and it's almost impossible to quilt when she is awake. By the time she goes to bed, I'm so tired I just don't have the energy to work on anything. I do promise to get to it in the next couple of nights. I'd love to finish the anvil block I started last week.

For now, the chase is on!


Friday, March 20, 2009

I thought my machine was going crazy!

Hello!! What a frustrating day yesterday. As I was finishing a block, my sewing machine started making a grinding noise. Having very little knowledge of sewing machines, I tried to pinpoint where the noise was coming from. I figured out it was happening when I hand turned the balance wheel. So I did what I was supposed to and cleaned the nesseccary parts of my machine and oiled them as well. I also changed threads because the spool I was using had run out. I ran the machine with no threads in, to get the oil into the parts it needed to be in, and then threaded the machine and it continued to make the irratating grinding noise! So I put in another spool of thread, one less as thick, and that seems to have cured the grinding for the time being.

I'm sure this little adventure of mine is quite boring to a expert quilter, but none the less was frustrating for me!

I'm working on a block now called "Anvil" I have most of the pieces cut, and will be piecing them tonight if I get the time. Most of my quilting time depends on my almost 10 month old baby and if she will cooperate!

Until next time, which will hopefully have some pictures as well,

Take care and God Bless!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

As I embark on this amazing journey, I want to share with anyone interested, my many ups and downs of this adventure in my quilting quest.

My name is Jennifer and I'm 28 years old. I'm married to a great guy, Matt, who complains, but supports all my hobbies and interests. I've crocheted, knitted, cross-stitched, scrapbooked, and now my latest quest, quilting, all thanks to the inspiration of my Mother-In-Law. I also have 2 children, both girls. Angela is my oldest. She'll be 10 on May 20th. Abigail, who is a true blessing, will turn 1 on May 24th. As you can see, I'll have my hands full that week! I do also have five pets. Four cats and one dog. The cats, at least a couple of them, love to incorporate themselves into my work, by leaving pieces of fur here and there on my fabric. If I'm not careful, they will use the fabrics as their own personal beds :)

I'm a beginner at quilting, having only made a few 12" blocks. I'm making a sampler quilt for myself, as well as my family. I'm using blocks patterns from Thanks Marcia!!! So far, I have 3 good blocks that will be used in this quilt. I have a Monkey Wrench (Snail's Trail), Jacob's Ladder, and an Ohio Star. I've made a few others that have come very short of 12" square, so I've put those aside for use in a quilt that will use smaller blocks.

When I have a few moments, I will post pictures of my completed blocks.

Thank you so much for taking interest in my blog and taking part in my amazing journey. I hope you'll leave comments, advice, tips and anything else to help me along the way.

Much love and God Bless.